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The roofing of your home plays a pivotal role other than just sheltering the house from sun, rain and other elements. It makes up a large portion of the façade of your home. Today’s Kitchen & Bath offers professional roofing services at competitive prices. We have an experienced team of experts ready to cater to your roofing needs. Read on see what we do.

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We understand that you may have questions concerning our operations. We have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and their detailed answers. Find the time to go through them to see if your question has already been answered. Should you not find your question among the listed, feel free to contact us. We shall be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Yes, you can. Our roof installation service involves paying a visit to the house under construction and discussing the roofing design as detailed in the building plans. Clients get to choose between shingle and tile roofing. As for the roofing design, we install different types such as gable roofs, pyramid hips, jerkin head roofs, hip roofs, intersecting hips, saltbox roofs, M-shaped roofs, butterfly and hexagonal gazebo roofs.

Should you wish to have your entire roof replaced, our team of experts can attend to that. The process commences with a thorough survey of the original roofing design that the house has. We then take you through the process of uninstalling the existing roof, installing the new roofing layout and finally laying the fresh roofing material.

Yes, it is possible. A small section of the roof may suffer damage from a leak or broken shingles or tiles. In such situations, our experienced roofing experts survey the damaged section of the roof and make a judgement call of whether the section can be repaired or replaced without compromising the viability of the entire roof.

We are experienced in installing modern solar systems. This involves installing the solar panels and convertors onto your roof. Our teams of experts are skilled in solar panel placement, which helps to maximize the optimum energy conversion during different seasons.

Our waterproofing solutions involve surveying the affected section of the roof and installing insulation. The insulation is installed under the overlaying tiles or shingles, preventing water seepage that may lead to mold growth and eventual roof rot.

You sure can! We are experienced in installing different types of roofing skylights such as tubular, fixed and vented skylights. The installation process involves cutting off a section of the roof, framing it and installing insulation on the frame of the installed skylight.

We install, maintain and repair conventional rain gutters, downpipes, as well as modern rain chains that complement the aesthetic look of your roofing.

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